What is a Project?

Well, everyone knows what is a project, but for a Project manager, this word has a deeper meaning. Digging deeper on the PMBOK we can see certain characteristics that define a Project:

Every Project is Unique.

A unique service, product, that offers something of value. The notion of uniqueness is integral in the process of Project Management as this is what defines the contribution of the Project Manager in the outcome of the Project.

It can happen that some of the projects have very similar characteristics and in this way, Project managers follow the well-defined way of executing things but this is not always the case. Even the projects that were meant to be repetitive need a level of creativity in order to deal with new challenges. An example is building an eCommerce application for a global audience. Once the app is built for example in Brazil, the framework and the coding practices can be scaled on the Chinese edition of the app, but is Marketing the same? of course not. These are the aspects that a Project Manager should deal with every project.

Understanding the job of an IT Project Manager

Projects Drive change

For a Project to be successful, it should transition our organization from a current state to a future state. There is a movement involved that requires a Project Manager to understand well the vision, mission, and scope of every project very well. In addition, a Project Manager should understand the various phases of the product before reaching its final state.

Projects offer value

PMI defines value as the NET quantifiable benefit derived from a business enveavour. This value can be tangible or intangible. The tangible makes sense when somebody is building a block of flats as a Project. The intangible value can have multiple meanings but I like to correlate the intangible value with the digital products. Think of Uber, or the Maps app from Google, or even Facebook. The intangible value is different for every user or stakeholder.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper on the next post about types of Projects..

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