Business Case According to PMBOK

The person defining the business case usually has various choices from where he can select the structure. In our case we will be using the example structure of Project management body of knowledge. According to PMBOK every business case should provide the below elements:

  • ROI – This makes totally sense because every stakeholder or Business person is interested about it. When we will get back the money from our investment is crucial back.
  • Future Value (FV) -today most that ever, benefits realization and value becomes absolutely a must measure for every project. Managing the benefits from a project is a whole filed that each company should undertake
  • Net Present Value (NPV) – how much money we spend today for the solution and how much money we are making
  • Payback Period – Internal Rate of Return (IRR) – how much time we will need in order our investment will get profitable?
  • Cost -Benefits analysis – otherwise strengths and weaknesses analysis, recognizing the pros and the cons of every project is straightforward analysis for every Business person.

Feel free to is this structure in your Business Cases!

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