Product Management Standards

Many people think that building a successful product means using the most complex code, having an amazing idea, or having good funds. Fortunately, it is something different and it is called product management standards. This is the framework, artifacts, and terminology that a certain product management team is deciding to follow.

And I am saying that this is a decision because certain terms have different meaning for different people in an organization. Take for example the digital products. There are paid ads and sponsored ads which mean the same things. A new joiner in the team should align with the used terminology in order to not confuse the rest of the team.

To make matters worse, let’s speak about the product roadmap. There are 3 types of product roadmaps – timeline-based, roadmaps without dates, kanban roadmaps. It is always good to have product management standards in the community of practice of your company in order to have expected goals, benefits, and outcomes and eventually a successful product.

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