Business Case Development Phases

As every Business Document, the Business Case has its own “Lifecycle” or its own unique phases. Three of the most important phases are the below:

  1. Develop the initial Business Case – This is where we gather information about the project that we need to work on. As we already said this is our opportunity to convince our key stakeholders and get their sponsorship and support on the completion of the project.
  2. Maintain it – the business case never ends on developing it. We always need to maintain it, update it if it is possible and support it all the way. During the different phases of the project lifecycle a lot of things can change, funding can change, the technologies used etc. However we, as the Business Case owners we should always support it from the first moment in all phases. This entails in the end supporting our project. The Business case document is the key document to initiate our project, thus maintaining the initial purpose is crucial.
  3. Confirm the initial hypothesis. The business case importance never ends with the completion of the project. When the project is completed we should assess the success criteria of our project and if we fulfilled our initial hypothesis.

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