Covid-19 as a Catalyst for Digitalization

It is undeniable that Covid-19 had a big impact on our society. Hopefully people are agile in nature and started using their available resources to fight back. An example is my father. It was until the pandemic that he started paying his bills online. I think the same mechanism has been applied to universities, public services, and corporations. A big portion of our activities as society was transitioned to the online world. Shouldn’t have been for the pandemic, recent progress in digitalization of our society would not have happened.

Let’s see some of the examples of the impact that Covid-19 had on our society:

Online Security

A hacker's paradise? 5G and cyber security | Financial Times

Covid-19 has brought a surge of online transactions and this is hackers’ paradise. Covid-19 it’s not only a threat to human health but to IT systems around us as well. This situation has brought a lot of innovation in the online security industry. Machine learning models have been trained to spot the phishing emails, spam messages and filter them, corporations and governments have updated their security protocols and IT systems to manage the new reality of cyberthreats and universities are educating their students on the new threads online.

Physical Touch

How to Greet People in China

Physical touch in the post COVID world seems unsafe. Digitalization efforts should provide low or zero-touch in order to succeed. This is not easy, as not only coding solutions are involved but teams need to work on UX, and overall experience. An example is digital care. Physicians and caregivers are now using remote monitoring technologies and communicating with their patients online. This was a gray area some years ago, especially in the medical profession. New UX protocols have been devised for the most vulnerable people of our society. A couple of years ago we were speaking of the digital divine – now the goal is to close that gap should we want to fight back the pandemic.

Office Premises

Why Work-From-Home Might Not Work: The Looming Risk For Employers

Working from home has become the new normal for many of us. Companies like Twiter, Google, Uber, Microsoft, Zillow, Facebook, Salesforce, Amazon, and others have announced that their employees can work from home for the next couple of months. Finally, it is proven that people can be productive multitasking. Everyone working from home, is at the same time cleaning, cooking, taking care of their children and do personal life stuff. On the other side, companies have provided their employees with resources to accommodate their new life. Let’s take for example my company Kimberly Clark. KC has provisioned for my mental health and has provided me with a subscription in Synctuition – a meditation app with high frequency sounds, a second monitor, and funding for an ergonomic chair, not to forget the constant training in new IT solutions to make my life easier and communicate seamlessly with my global team.

I really hope that Covid will end soon, but the impact on Digitization will continue 🙂

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