Why we Need a Business Case

You might wonder why Business case is that important for a project. Usually the Business Case is a formal document used in every project, but it’s scope goes beyond the formalities as it is a necessary document to achieve the below:

  • Convince and get buy in. This is clear as everyone needs to have some details and understand what we are taking about. The meetings that we have with key stakeholders to present the project we are about to undertake cannot be completed without a Business Case. The first goal is to convince them to agree for our project, get their feedback but most important is their sponsorship. Convincing these people is our outmost goal.
  • Explain the risks and opportunities – no business decision can be taken without knowing these 2 elements. Every key decision maker will ask you about the potential benefits and impacts of the project in hand. The Business case is the first draft document containing these details. Having a high level overview can be crucial for the key stakeholders.
  • Provide recommendations. The person that creates the Business is usually a Product Owner, or Product owner or BA, anyway he is an expert in his field, which means he is able to give suggestions. A Business Case should not miss this part as it is our opportunity to provide even more reason why we need to go with this solution.

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